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Online suport answers and delivery

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I was order samsung galaxy j3 with monthly plan. oky after my request in 7 days they move my card on monthley plan if was base costemer earlier only with herald card what is now on monthlety plan.
After that i ask online suport do i can signed contract when my mobile come no answer.!!!!!!!
After they send mail to make afspraak i stay home whole friday that they told me how base dont send mobile jet!!!!!!
Oky i make new appoitment today from 8-13 that again order is cancel becouse base dont send mobile for what i woke up on saturday soo early???!!!!!!!! Do i can cancle all and how?
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[quote=matejas]I was order samsung galaxy j3 with monthly plan....
...Do i can cancle all and how?

Dear Matejas,

I can truly understand that this situation does not make you happy! We're very sorry for the inconvenience of you staying home two days with no mobile phone to show for.

I would gladly find out why both appointments have been canceled. Could you please complete your profile on the Community, so I have access to your telephone number? To start an investigation I also need the order number you received. Could you send it to me via a personal message?

You asked how you can cancel your online order. You can cancel by sending an e-mail with your order number to

Could you let me know if you want me to proceed with the investigation? I'm happy to help you!

Best regards,

””Debby | Moderator

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