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Prepaid action : get 50% extra data for free !

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Ladies and gentlemen, mesdames et messieurs, dames en heren… It’s my pleasure to bring you great news! As from today, prepaid customers will get 50% extra data for free with each top-up !!

Example: With a €20 top-up, you used to get 1GB, didn’t you? As of now you will get 1,5 GB ! The extra 500 MB is for free !

How ?

You only need to check if you are using a current prepaid tariff plan: “prepaid BASE 2015” or “prepaid ALL 2015”. This is written in your Customer Zone. If you use an older prepaid tariff plan, you can change to a new one as follows:

- Send CHANGEBASE to 1914 to activate a prepaid tariff to call mainly BASE network
- Send CHANGE to 1914 to activate a prepaid tariff to call all networks

Don’t forgot to finish your minutes/SMS/data before changing your prepaid tariff as you don’t want to lose it.
Once you receive the confirmation sms of the new tariff, you can top-up €10, €15, €20 or more to get 50% extra data.

Until when is this action available?

To be honest… we haven’t decided yet, because it’s going to be available for a very loooong time :cool: So… don’t worry, just enjoy it, we will warn you when the end date comes.

A good tip :
On top of the extra 50% data, you can get an extra 10% call value when you top-up via MyBASE !
The MyBASE app is also a very easy tool to check how much minutes or data you have left, to check your history or add new options.

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