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Wi-Fi Assist

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I have been charged 60 Euros for data roaming when my mobile data was off. I contacted BASE via Messenger on 4th December to get some help and I was asked if my Wifi Assist was on. Since I had a new phone at the time, I was not aware that the Wi-Fi Assist was on by default so I immediately switched it off. The person from BASE who was helping via the Messenger informed me that I was charged because the Wifi Assist was on. However, I checked on Apple website and I learnt that Wi-Fi Assist won't automatically switch to cellular if you're data roaming.

I exchanged several messages with BASE staff via Messenger and on 21st December I was told that someone from BASE was going to contact me on my phone number to help me with this issue. Since then, I have been waiting for the call and nobody contacted me. I keep sending messages to BASE via Messenger and I always get the same reply saying that they are very busy and someone will contact me soon. Today is 1st of February and I keep getting the same replies. Actually, today I got a very weird reply from someone from BASE who gave me a phone number to contact in order to end my phone number (??????????), which is something I have never asked for.

I’m extremely disappointed with BASE customer services and for their lack of support.

Has anyone had a similar experience to mine? If so, how this was solved?

Many thanks and best regards,


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Hello Dani,

Do you have My BASE app? I usually contact support via My BASE. You can also reach out via the client space:




Zach Swedberg author, editor