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Mijn smarphone vraagt naar een wachtwoord dat ik niet heb ingesteld. Ik weet dit wachtwoord niet meer. Wat doe ik nu?

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Goeden dag Beste frienden,
My name is Evelina
I've an issue with my brand new smartphone, which one I have bougth at your site
This is Acer Z220, with a phone itself was any problem, but today I've receive an sim card from, end was trying to set up internet sittings , so I've scoose for an automatical configuration via sms , screenshoot is in attaching, sms I did not receive,service from Ortel have sent some settings to my phone, and what I get- sim card has services, and smartphone asks for a password,even without sim card , that I have't set up, maybe it's needed an security code, I've tryied 0000;1234;12345;00000,.. I can't just login to my smarphone anymore!
Please, advice me , what can I do now? How it's possible to fix?
With best regards and hope) , Evelina
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Hello Evelina,

Thanks for your message.

We spoke each other on facebook a few days ago. I proposed to contact Acer Support for this matter. Did you had contact with them? And did they provide a solution?



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